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When you’re searching for that perfect Type, Size, and Color of glitter to create your project, navigating through all the choices can be a bit overwhelming. Are you looking for a ‘Chunky Holographic’ glitter, or an ‘Ultra Fine Prism’? To simplify your search, we have provided a breakdown of our products and descriptions so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. If you need help, feel free to contact us… we’re never more than an email away!

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What Sets The Glitter Jar Apart From The Big Box Stores’ Products?

All glitter products from The Glitter Jar are high-quality, polyester glitter. Polyester glitter doesn’t fade, and it retains its “sparkly glitter” characteristics. The Glitter Jar’s 100% polyester glitter is intended to be used with resins and epoxies without the risk of color bleed that you may experience with lesser quality products.

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Why Is Cut Important And How Does It Affect My Project?

The Glitter Jar products are sold in various cuts, which are specified and described for each product. The flake sizes are available from very fine powders all the way up to large cut chunky glitter and several sizes in-between. Unfortunately, cheap craft glitters can be irregular in cut and take away from the appearance of your party favors, crafts party décor, and negatively impact the quality of your projects.

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Project Ideas

What Are Some Of The Ways I Can Use Polyester Glitter From The Glitter Jar?

Our polyester glitter is available in a variety of colors and cuts.  Due to the resilient nature of our product, it has a wide variety of uses, application methods, and even application tools.  Polyester glitter can even be added to:


Snow Globes



Latex Paint

Nail Polish

Christmas Decorations

Floral Decorations

Candle Decorations

Posters, Signs, & Displays

Finger Paints & Crayons

Body Cream & Hair Gel

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